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Knucklehead Vapes Filaments

Knucklehead Vapes Filaments

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Knucklehead Vape Filaments

Tried, tested and true. 

This selection of hand picked low resistance wires, will help you to produce coils for the greatest clouds and flavour.

We have worked very closely with the leading manufacturing suppliers and are very pleased to offer these wires to you.

We have Ni80 and 316l in 20g, 22g and 24g

We also have our "Recumbent" Ni80 wire with its flatter profile, it produces improved vapour and flavour, due to its increased surface area whilst maintaining the same resistance values as its round counterpart. 

Finally we have fused Clapton wire, twin cores, lightly twisted (Perfect for regulated and Mechanical devices) then wrapped in a fine outer layer, combine to create delightful thick and rich clouds.

Available in 316l and Kanthal versions.

All come on spools in 30 feet or 15 feet (fused Clapton) lengths and are suitable for use in RDA and RDTA etc.

PLEASE NOTE: A working knowledge of ohms law, battery safety and practical experience are required to make and use coils. 

We accept no responsibility for any losses, damage or injury caused.